My Dum Dum Song

This poem/song came about when I was reading the Ferrari Abu Dubai amusement park news. People can do whatever they want with their money, but spending millions of dollars building an amusement park in the middle of the desert,especially in these hard economic times is beyond my comprehension. The poem/song has nothing to do with the amusement park,typically stuff.

Dum dum - dum dum - dum dum - Dum dum dede dede da dum dum .

Seating here thinking about you... not a day that goes by- that you don't run through my mind....
I remember those times we had,smiling, laughing , getting mad. We had, such a healthy relationship now... so I thought … until you went and broke my heart. From the start I should have seen this coming , I feel dumb now because I knew, I should have paid attention to you... better. Working late, and ...never home to eat your cooked meals. I feel like, I had it coming... I'm sorry, Now in my head these words keep replaying saying dum dum- dum dum- I would still have you now if I was not acting so dum dum- dum dum- dum dum- I never thought it would happen to me, because I thought you were happy, it must have been a facade cause now were no longer together. I thought we could weather any storm, I guess I left you all alone. Now were gone, and those words keep on replaying saying

dum dum- dum dum- dum dum- dum dum dede dede da dum dum.