Still sad, but I guess this is destiny

The historic battle between two magnificent teams took place in Los Angeles California at the Staples Center. The team were no other then the great BOSTON CELTICS and the great LA LAKERS. Game seven of the NBA championship, the LAKERS had home court advantage and I had a feeling they were going to win. The CELTICS were leading up until the fourth quarter of the game.

CELTICS tried their best to suppress the LAKERS the best they could with good defense but, the LAKERS came alive in the fourth quarter and took over the game and won their 16th Championship. I was deeply saddened because I was looking forward to attending the CELTICS parade if they had won.

LA LAKERS have won five NBA Championships (2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010) within 10 years. The LA LAKERS are a serious team, making it to the NBA finals 7 times losing to the Celtics in "08" and the Pistions in "04". Then you have Phil Jackson the best NBA coach of all time coaching then to victory.

LAKERS were victorious, Kobe worked his butt off to get his 5th championship ring. No more teary eyes from me, in time with hard work and dedication they will meet again to duel it out.

2010 NBA Champions the

Reminiscing the "08" championship parade in Boston , Celebrating the end of the 22 year winning drought of the