Health care reform now?

I understand this is much, that Medicaid and Medicare were on the verge of collapse. And something needed to to be done to prevent it from happening.But, with America in it's current financial position,is this the smartest move to make? Now am not politically savvy yet, but from my minor knowledge I do know America owes trillions of dollars to China and Japan. With that said, I don't think it's in the best interest of America to try and reform such an expensive sector in the American economy.

I support Obama, just as equally as I support any president of the United States of America. There are people who agree with certain policies and those who oppose them.It just so happens that I oppose quiet a few of the policies from the Obama administration. First, I question the GM bailout and wonder if it was really necessary.GM caused their own destruction,and should reap the consequences for their actions. Then it was the stimulus package Obama administered in his first few months in office.
The stimulus prior to Obama stimulus George W Bush did one that did not stimulate the economy. So what made Obama think his would be any different? Now there is a second stimulus plan that has over a trillion dollars in loans, funds, and grants.

This will deepen the United States deficit even further down. I agree with ethical decisions that will benefit the future of the American people. But with all this spending going on, it gets hard to see ethical reasoning behind decisions.Then it gets really hard to image prosperity in the future for the American economy.