Breath... The semester is almost over.

Hello world

I started this account back in 2008 for a computer class; it was during my second semester at my community college. My professor asked us to create a user name and share thoughts and ideas within the class blog. At the end of the semester I abandoned for about two years. I was an avid Myspace/Facebook user back then (60% Myspace - 40% Facebook) until I deleted my Myspace account in September 2009. Myspace was getting extremely lame, so I converted to a full on Facebook user (Facebook 100%). But Facebook lacked the creative freedom Myspace allowed. So one day I was on the American Apparel website and seen this ad to wrap this up, I
found out some people on had a blogspot and I realized I had a user name. Then B A M. deleted my old post and started fresh.

(In random news)
I might have to take Trigonometry over in the summer.Because I want to get a B not a C for my final grade.It is lame when 40% of your class grade is the midterm grade. Then there is 40% for the final and 20% for quizzes. I guess that means I have to suck it up and kick ass.