No Nicki on the Last Girl on Earth Tour

I like the music of all three musicians that were scheduled to be on this tour. I have never seen Ke$ha or Nicki Minaj perform live, but I have seen Rihanna perform live on the Glow in the Dark Tour with Kanye West. She did alright , I mean she is really nice to look at which is why I was so mesmerized by her. On Tweeter today Nicki Minaj ( The Harajuku Barbie ) addressed to her fans that she will no longer be a part of the "Last girl on Earth Tour" w/ Rihanna and is using the time to continue working on her album. Which is not a bad idea since "Massive attack" was kind of lame thanks to Sean Garrett. Nicki's mix tapes are official and I think if she take the time and makes another master piece like " Beam me up Scotty"( mixtape) the album will be a certified BANGER. If Nicki wants to expand her audience she should cater to the old fans and bring in something new that is more mainstream for new fans, but still her style is like no other. GO NICKI and kick ass