Sad and Sick

This whole weekend did not go as planed, I was sick , aching and moody. I thought I had until the end of May to complete this semester, but it turns out that was not the case. I have until May 12th to study for a semester full of crap which is 30 days away actually 20 days( menus the weekend). I really want to get on the Deans list again so I have to sacrifice internet usage which is hard. This semester was literally my semester from HELL. During SB (Spring Break) I was planing on visiting the Museum of Modern Art in New York to see the Tim Burton exhibit which ends April 26th. Studying took over my SB inhibiting me from going to New York to see the exhibit. Now I have to study my ass off in order to keep my GPA from falling , which is due to psycho math and microbiology. Both those classes are tougher than concrete but I got to keep up the fight and not give up until the end. I see now that there will be no time for me to go to NY now (triste) .It looks like I might take a hiatus for awhile to get my thoughts together before the semester ends.